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Dr. Tane McKee

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Dr. Tane McKee

Dr. Tane McKee

Dr. Tane McKee

Dr. McKee hails from a small steel manufacturing town in northwestern Illinois. Dr. McKee graduated with Honors with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois. She also worked in a Dairy Biochemistry Laboratory performing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and preparing tissue samples for electron microscopy. 

Dr. McKee received her DVM from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine. There she was a delegate for the student AVMA for 2 years and she also worked in the Immunology Laboratory. 

Dr. McKee first worked in a Chicago and then secondly a Detroit suburb before moving to California in the autumn of 1996. When she first arrived in the Bay Area she worked as a Relief Veterinarian, which allowed her to have some flexibility with her work schedule affording her the opportunity to enjoy the splendor of this magnificent state. 

Dr. McKee is a general practitioner with has a passion for the different aspects of general practice and urgent care/emergency and critical care. Dr. McKee loves building long term relationships with her patients and their humans. She will also see certain pocket pets for basic things. She is a terrier lover! With regard to emergency medicine, Dr. McKee has worked at several of the local emergency/specialty practices. She likes the think on your feet and excitement of what might be coming through the door next aspect of the ER. You will likely never see Dr. McKee don a white lab coat. She is always too warm, but more importantly, she wants to implement a fear-free environment as much as one can in a veterinary clinic/hospital. 

Outside of work Dr. McKee likes to hike, cross country ski, snow-shoe, listen to music, go to concerts, attend the San Jose Sharks games, having quality time with friends, cook, bake, and enjoy the ethnic food diversity that the Bay Area offers. 

Some of the last paragraph is of course now contingent of COVID-19 and her need to have her knees replaced.  Hopefully, all of this will be rectified in the near future!