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Paws & Reflect with Zoetis

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Paws & Reflect with Zoetis

Zoetis recently launched a new podcast series called PAWS & REFLECT—an educational and entertaining podcast series made with you in mind!

Veterinary standards of care continue to evolve rapidly, and it can be a challenge staying up to date on new products and disease states. Add in a pandemic, new social distancing rules and many other topics surrounding the issue and it can all seem overwhelming!

PAWS & REFLECT with Zoetis offers a learning platform to hear the latest information and news in the industry. Check out the topics below for Season 1 and Season 2:

Season 1: ProHeart® (moxidectin)

  • Episode 1: Heartworm is a Scary Disease!
  • Episode 2: What is ProHeart® 12 (moxidectin)?
  • Episode 3: The Australian Experience
  • Episode 4: The Latest on Heartworm Disease
  • Episode 5: Common ProHeart® 12 (moxidectin) Questions?
  • Episode 6: A Business Perspective on Heartworm Disease Prevention

Season 2: Getting to the Heart of the Matter with Simparica Trio™ (sarolaner, moxidectin, and pyrantel chewable tablets)

This season, we will be diving into the benefits of newly released, Simparica Trio, where we will discover what’s new with heartworm disease and ticks, and how to select customized parasite prevention protocols for your patients.

  • Episode 1: What is New with Heartworm Disease?
  • Episode 2: Simparica Trio Tips and Ticks
  • Episode 3: Selecting Parasite Prevention Protocols

Paws & Reflect with Zoetis is available through your favorite podcasting apps and streaming services, including: