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Who knows the level of care and expertise we offer better than our very own clients and patients? Read what some of our phenomenal clients have to say about us below. We'd be happy to welcome you to the Advanced Veterinary Medical Center family.

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“This place is hands down the best. I would recommend them to everyone! I have had such a hard time finding a place that was AFFORDABLE and actually took the time to explain to you what is going on and a huge plus that they actually love animals. My dog is quite big and to others is intimidating due to his pitbull features/size, most vets were stand offish… (looked at him and gave me a lists of tests, sorry i want a vet that shows some affection).

The vets here actually get down and talk to him just as i do; they don’t even mind him completely drooling all over them. I can always sense whether the vets actually get 2 hoots thus me going all over the East Bay but not anymore now that I’ve found Advanced. I have spent a couple thousand on my dog at my old vet and when i came here for something that was a bigger problem i paid less! They even take into consideration what you can afford and suggest other options. Every time i come in here i walk out with so much knowledge. I’m telling you, YOU need to switch vets and come here. The team is great and i can’t thank them enough for such great service.”

– Sarah M. (Union City, CA)

“So I came here today after needing a second opinion from another vet for my dog who had a tooth infection that needed to be taken care of I also came to them when my dog was attacked by another dog and required medical attention and the staff made it their priority to get her treated and let me tell you, the staff here is AMAZING!

They are a fairly new veterinary office but I know I will be using their services from now on for all my pet needs. Dr. Carpio is great and very informative when it comes to explaining procedures and what needs to be done if you pet needs medical help. He really does listen to your needs and I can definitely tell he cares a lot about people and their pets just by the way he handled my dog. He was very kind and understanding for sure! One of the best services I’ve ever had in the Veterinary field for sure! Definitely recommending him to everyone I know and will be coming back for all of our pets medical needs! Thanks Dr. Carpio and Staff!”

– Destinee M. (San Jose, CA)

“Dr Rof did an awesome job with my dog and I can’t wait to bring my other dogs to him for exams and teeth cleaning. I will recommend him to my friends and relatives.”

– Joy A. (Union City, CA)

“My dog loves them and they love her. The staff is great. I took my dog here for ear cropping after care and they have went beyond my expectations of what a vet should do. The doctor is very friendly and knowledgeable. They staff is very welcoming and nice. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a vet.”

– Deja H. (Livermore, CA)

“AVMC will be our primary vets from now on. It would be an understatement if we said they went above and beyond their duty. Our dog blew a spinal disc.

  • Dr. Carpio and staff were very knowledgeable.
  • He gave us options, with pros and cons.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Kept us in the loop. He called us at 10 pm after the surgery to give us an update.
  • Gave us advice that i have not heard from other vets (5 vets we’ve gone through) to make sure our dog’s health is maintained.
  • Most importantly AVMC show their genuineness that they really cared.
  • Thank you for saving our dog’s life Dr. Carpio and staff.”

    — Jun K. (Milpitas, CA)

    “I cannot thank you enough for the vets and staff here at Advanced Veterinary Medical Center. I got 2 kittens, one from Human Society and 1 from SJ Shelter. My poor baby from SJ Shelter got very sick ever since he get home and the shelter refused to help. I brought him to VCA first because he got free initial exam from there and he had diarrhea problem. But the price is outrageous for just one fecal test and their office visit is too high for me to afford.

    My cat got sicker after treatment from VCA and developed super high temperature, he was shaking and breath heavily. He was in a lot of pain. Due to our financial issue, we were reluctant to take him to see another vet since vet bill can be skyrocket. The poor guy keep having one problem to another, ulcers in his mouth, refuse to eat, injury in his palm. I thought I had to give him up because of the bills piling up. But then I found Advanced Veterinary Medical Center from Yelp and these wonderful people saved my cat life. The price here is the most reasonable that I can find and their recheck office visit price is just too affordable that I feel I should have my cat check frequently for any symptoms that may occur for his best health interest.

    The doctors here are very friendly and caring unlike others I have been to. They check my cat thoroughly and very understandable about our financial issue. The other thing I love is that they would suggest treatment and go through the prices with us to make sure we are OK with it before they do anything to my pet so there is no surprises. I am glad I have found my family vet and did not give up on him. I cannot recommend this place enough. My sick cat is now super healthy, running around, wrestling with his brother, chew on everything he sees and no more diarrhea. He used to be the good child who was super sick and sleep all the time. Now he becomes an evil. Along with his brother, he likes to run my house down. But oh well, cat will be cat.”

    – Lee W. (San Jose, CA)

    “The staff is so sweet and friendly. They really do care for your pets and make sure they get the best care. The doctor made sure to explain everything that was necessary for me to know. I definitely will be bringing my cats back and recommending other people here.”

    – Yesenia S. (San Jose, CA)

    “The following day after our initial visit we got a call from the office saying Dr. Fitch, who is a well known surgeon, can operate on Penny on Friday. We were given a quote which outlined the cost and put down the deposit. This morning we dropped off our baby at 8:15am so they can do blood work and other checks before her operation around 1pm. We got a call at 4:30pm saying she’s awake and up now but they prefer to monitor her for another hour. We got there at 5:30pm and Dr. Carpio reviewed the post op x-rays with us and the after care steps. We need to take her back in 3 days to remove her bandage and a few weeks after for follow up. We truly feel like we got the utmost care for our little Yorkie. The entire staff is genuine, knowledgeable, and kind. I know it’s hard to find good people to leave your pets with but I highly trust recommend Advanced Veterinary Medical Center. We will continue to update on Penny’s progress!”

    – Amy G. (San Jose, CA)

    “It is hard to find the kind of veterinary care that checks off on all of your required standards and expectations. Dr. Carpio and the staff here are great! As soon as you step in, you are greeted with warm welcomes and smiles. They are very attentive. I thought it was really thoughtful when they offered me coffee while I waited because I had shared earlier that I had a long day. Not only that but they are wonderful with my Layla! They speak to her kindly and strive to make her feel as comfortable as possible (she’s only 3lbs so she can be skittish around new ppl). When speaking to me, they really take the time to explain what is happening. They make great recommendations and I feel as though Layla is their one and only concern.”

    – Marisol M. (Newark, CA)