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Pet X-Rays at Your Animal Hospital in Milpitas, CA

We use veterinary X-rays to examine your pet's bones, lungs, heart, abdomen, oral cavity and other areas to diagnose and monitor many medical and surgical conditions. If we suspect your pet has a fractured bone, has swallowed a foreign object, or is suffering from a heart problem, an X-ray may tell us what we need to know.

To provide you with the highest quality veterinary care for your pet we have invested in a state-of-the-art digital X-ray machine. There are many important advantages to digital X-rays:

  • They are immediately able to be viewed on a computer monitor.
  • The clear, detailed images can be manipulated to get a better view of your pet's bones and internal organs, leading to a faster and more accurate diagnosis.
  • They take less time to process, which means less time for you and your pet in the office.
  • No harsh chemicals are needed to develop the images.

Our board-certified radiologist provides our hospital with expert interpretation of all digital x-rays taken at our hospital. This invaluable service allows us to get the most information possible out of taking x-rays and to get professionally interpreted results to you.

In addition, we provide ultrasonography services. Sometimes an ultrasound can provide more (and different) information than x-rays. Although many hospitals offer ultrasound, this diagnostic option is most informative and successful when in the hands of a specialist. This invaluable service for our patients very commonly helps to diagnose problems that would otherwise be highly difficult, if not impossible, to find otherwise.

If a second opinion is necessary, digital X-rays can be sent by email to a specialist.

Advanced diagnostic capabilities are extremely important to veterinary medicine to give answers that we can’t receive directly from pets. The hospital's investment in digital X-ray technology reflects its commitment to offer you and your pet the best, most comprehensive health care available.