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Jeric, Veterinary Technician

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Jeric, Veterinary Technician

Jeric, Veterinary Technician

Having joined the Advanced Veterinary Medical Center team in January of 2016, Jeric has since been working hard to make a difference in the veterinary care provided to our wonderful clients and their loveable pets. The aspect of his role as a Veterinary Technician that Jeric finds most rewarding is being able to educate our clients about their pets in an informative and understandable way.

Jeric helps with administering vaccinations, restraining animals as needed, and monitoring during surgical procedures. He also pays close attention to observing patient behavior to report illness, disease, injury and any other noticeable signs to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing.

“I like working for Advanced Veterinary Medical Center because I get to see different types of breeds of cats and dogs,” Jeric proclaims. “I love being able to train patients to be more obedient and follow rules or commands.”

Away from the hospital, Jeric likes being outdoors. He likes going for hikes, running, and staying active by working out and exercising. However, Jeric also enjoys staying in to watch tv or movies, eating, and taking a good nap. He shares his home with a German Shepherd named Sargent, and a Lab and Pit mix named Ana.