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Sarah M. (Union City, CA)

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Sarah M. (Union City, CA)

“This place is hands down the best. I would recommend them to everyone! I have had such a hard time finding a place that was AFFORDABLE and actually took the time to explain to you what is going on and a huge plus that they actually love animals. My dog is quite big and to others is intimidating due to his pitbull features/size, most vets were stand offish… (looked at him and gave me a lists of tests, sorry i want a vet that shows some affection).

The vets here actually get down and talk to him just as i do; they don’t even mind him completely drooling all over them. I can always sense whether the vets actually get 2 hoots thus me going all over the East Bay but not anymore now that I’ve found Advanced. I have spent a couple thousand on my dog at my old vet and when i came here for something that was a bigger problem i paid less! They even take into consideration what you can afford and suggest other options. Every time i come in here i walk out with so much knowledge. I’m telling you, YOU need to switch vets and come here. The team is great and i can’t thank them enough for such great service.”